Lockdown Lunch with Kelly Ransom!

To take this time to broaden my knowledge of livestreaming, I started a daily (M-F) broadcast on my Facebook page!
Why did I do this? To entertain me, share other’s stories about their lockdown experience, and add another skill to my self-taught marketing & events toolkit.
I’ve been learning & reading A LOT on livestreaming and taking events digitally. I am not thrilled about the way it had to happen (locked down during a pandemic full of anxiety & fear), but I am grateful for the opportunity to spend hours teaching myself new technologies and experimenting creatively with the future of the events industry.
Marketing & communications are going through some major changes as well, but I see my biggest adaptation challenge will be planning, hosting, and producing events for my full-time job & my clients.
It’s also super fun! If you are working from home and would like a little lunch break, feel free to tune in here:
Stay tuned for the launch of the Lockdown Lunch Youtube Channel!

Ransom Productions is proud to be a part of the 2019 Latin Quarter World’s Fair!

To have been working on something since 2017 and to see it so close to becoming a reality is a feeling I don’t even know that I’ve ever felt before (let alone have a word for). I am endlessly grateful to be a part of this journey and working with the LQWF team to make this event amazing.

There are lots of reasons to contribute to the fundraising campaign and you’ll be seeing lots of that lingo around, but I want to come at you right now as a friend, as someone you know directly involved with and fiercely passionate about this project.

The JP World’s Fair was one of the only times I was “allowed” to go to Hyde/Jackson Square. Honestly, I don’t think I would have ventured out there as a tween if it wasn’t for that event because that neighborhood was always deemed “unsafe” by the people in my life who made the rules.

I had my first tamale at the JPWF. I learned what affordable housing activism is at the JPWF. I saw costumes and art and heard music that I had never seen live or even knew existed at the JPWF.

How could a kid who lived so close (Holbrook Street) be so disconnected from their neighbors like that?

It was epic for me.

‘Why does a gringa from the Centre/South area cares so much about this neighborhood?’

Without The Latin Quarter community, I wouldn’t be me. There’d be a vital piece of who I am missing.

When I think of beautiful things & moments in my life, I definitely think of back in the day when I would venture up to Hyde/Jackson and be a part of the festival crowd (10k people!) dancing and clapping and stomping my feet.

Over the many years, I’ve worked in JP, I’ve heard so many others say the same.

Bringing this vibrant event back and reimagining it is a conversation that has consistently happened in my life since the JP World’s Fair “ended.”

And, no, I wasn’t the one always bringing it up to reminisce.

So why bring it back? Why reimagine it?

Someone wrote somewhere this week to “let it die.”

Let it die!?



¡De ninguna manera!

The Latin Quarter is a gorgeous community with gorgeous people.

It always has been.

But NOW, in 2019, it’s getting the POSITIVE recognition & attention it has always deserved for all of the creative, entrepreneurial, diverse activity & energy that resides there and makes it the extraordinary place that it is.

The Latin Quarter is unique and all of Boston & Massachusetts is finally recognizing that and celebrating it by designating it a Cultural District.

The Latin Quarter World’s Fair is a celebration of ALL of that but also a celebration of the artists, merchants, organizers, activists, musicians, teachers, residents, youth, bartenders, seniors, rock-n-rollers, immigrants, entrepreneurs, families, dancers, LATINOS, LATINAS, LATINX….EVERYONE who makes the Latin Quarter the incredible community it is.

And although the Latin Quarter seems to celebrate every day, my hope is that if you haven’t already experienced the colors, sounds, smells, and excitement of Boston’s Latin Quarter, you will on Sunday, September 15, 2019.

When you can, please, consider making a contribution to ensure The Latin Quarter World’s Fair becomes a reality.

Trust me (no, seriously, *trust me*) EVERY donation will make an impact.


#LQWF19 #JamaicaPlain

Join Ransom Productions at ‘POWERHOUSE: Turning Passion Into Profit’

I struggle daily with balancing a 40+ hour a week job and the 10-20 hours a week I spend working with consulting clients & passion projects. Then add in my rigorous self-care routines, seeing friends & family, and upkeep of my abode…it’s hard to do it all! If you consult or own a business I am sure you’ve felt this way at one time or another. Let’s talk about it together! What works for me? What works for you? How do we continue to turn our passion into profit while focusing on all of life’s demands? Let’s take a moment to learn from one another. Join me and Val Bee on Feb. 11 for a kiki about it all!

POWERHOUSE is a series featuring creatives who have successfully transitioned their passions into purpose and profit produced by LIR Productions. Join us in February at Bella Luna Restaurant and Milky Way Lounge! Grab a drink at the bar and meet local creatives and other women in business. Networking at 7 PM, chat begins at 7:30.

Get your tickets here!

Madison Park Development Corporation, Sparks for the Arts 2018

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November 8, 2019, was a SPARK-tacular evening celebrating Jeanne Pinado’s 20th anniversary as CEO at Madison Park Development Corporation and paying homage to Hibernian Hall’s stalwart support of arts & culture in Roxbury, MA. Over 200 people joined them for a beautiful event which included remarks from Mayor Marty Walsh who praised Jeanne’s contributions to the neighborhood and the city, Representative Byron Rushing who spoke about the fascinating history of MPDC starting in the 1960s, and Councilor Kim Janey who presented a City Council Resolution recognizing Jeanne and her numerous accomplishments.

Ransom Productions took a back seat for the event planning portion of this event and, this time was brought in to facilitate the opportunity bid, a first for MPDC. Ransom Productions worked with MPDC over two months to train volunteers, speakers, & auctioneer and served as the opportunity bid manager the evening of the event. This first time fundraising effort was able to bring in an astounding $20,000 with the help of Ransom Productions!

Bella Luna Restaurant & Milky Way Lounge, ‘Fly Me to the Moon’ 25th Anniversary Gala

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On Sunday, November 4, 2019, Bella Luna Restaurant & Milky Way Lounge welcomed close to 250 guests to celebrate their 25 years in business in Jamaica Plain. Ransom Productions worked with them from conception to execution to make sure the event was a smash & that the business owners (Carol, Megan, Kathie, Charlie & Pierre) got to enjoy the event as guests rather than hosts. In addition to planning, Ransom Productions helped to create a bountiful cheese display & transform the restaurant’s interior & exterior into an even more celestial space than it already is!

Entertainment: DJ Captain Hess

Photography: Fed Chavez Photography

‘It’s All About Arts,’ 20th Anniversary Celebration

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I absolutely ADORED being a part of the planning for Boston Neighborhood Network‘s ‘It’s All About Arts‘ 20th Anniversary Celebration on November 9, 2017! Ransom Productions donated time & spent months working on this event focusing on staging & coordinating the art auction, the promotional designs & marketing, recruiting the volunteer team, and orchestrating the event with our brilliant vendors. I made a lot of magic happen on a very little budget! Thanks to generous donors and participants in the silent art auction we were able to raise $2,000 for youth arts scholarships.

Venue: The Footlight Club, Jamaica Plain, MA

Events team: Jimmy Guzman, JNG EVENT CONSULTING

Lighting: Chris Lincoln, Gateway Productions

Catering: Kim Gericke, Jules CateringDonna’s Cakes

Rentals: Be Our Guest

Photographer: Studio B Photographers